LA’s Experimental Producer and Beatmaker Ras G Announces New Album That Serves As An “astral ode to woman”

Due April 20th through LA’s own Leaving Records, Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program’s new album Stargate Music will be an “astral ode to woman”.  As Ras G explains, “The womb is The Stargate of Humanity” says Ras G, relating to the concept of his latest proper full-length – an astral ode to woman. “Stargate Music is a record that I livicated to the Womb-man…to the Vagina, The Stargate from which beings emanate life on this planet. I gathered these sound pieces and presented it as a reflection of the life cycle of beings on this planet”.

He continues, “From The Primordial Water Formation we flow thru The Stargate….and one’s great journey reconnecting and returning to the sweet nectar that is The Stargate….and this is the soundtrack to the journey”.

The record features artwork done by Ron Brown (@afroanimeillustrator_RonBrowne ) and was recorded and mixed by Spacebase 2912. Pre-order today via Leaving Records’ band camp and receive the track “The Arrival ” today.

1. Primordial Water Formations 1
2. Water Broken (The Opening Of The Stargate)
3. The Arrival
4. Quest to Find Anu Stargate
5. Intimate Reconnections 1st Invite (Ankh)
6. The Nector of Stargate (taste)
7. Is it Lust or Love
8. Infinite possibilities
9. Heaven is between her legs…(Initiate the return)
10. The Great Return (racing seed) / Primordial Water Formations 2

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