The Long Lost Cave Vaults of the Moon Tape by Composer Joanne Forman is Being Reissued on Vinyl For the First Time

Joanne Forman’s original tape-only release of her album Cave Vaults of the Moon is being reissued on vinyl for the first by Séance Centre and is due out May 4th.

Forman’s compositions were commissioned to accompany the 1987 environmental art installation Cave Vaults of the moon Artifacts from an Alien Civilization in Taos, New Mexico. The installation was curated by Claire Haye and ran in Taos from April 4th through May 10th. The installation took place in the 24th century, and the sculptures were intended to be artifacts left behind by aliens for humans to discover. Through the use of guitar, flute, piano, a Juno 106, and an Ensoniq Mirage Forman attempted to convey what the aliens did with their time on the moon, as she believed the aliens used the moon as a vacation spot. Begging in late February all the way through the end of the exhibit in May The Taos News featured the work of the artists and curator Claire Haye:

march 1987 taos new mexico joanne
Jean Nathan interviews both Joanne Forman and Claire Haye regarding their intentions for the upcoming installation. Taken from The Taos New’s March 26th, 1987 issue.


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Preview two other tracks from the album below and pre-order here.

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