Bush Tetras’ New EP is the Group’s First Recorded Material to be Released in Over a Decade

The iconic post-punk New York quartet is back with their newest EP, Take the Fall. Take the Fall is the group’s first new release in over a decade. Forming in 1979, the Tetras were pioneers of New York’s thriving post-punk/no wave scene. In 1980 the group released their debut 7″ EP, “Too Many Creeps”. “Too many Creeps” not only became the group’s most well-known song, but also a post-punk classic in its own right. After first breaking up in 1983, the group later reunited in 1995 with their original lineup. As a result, the group recorded and released 1997’s Beauty Lies. In 1998 a new album, Happy, recorded for Mercury Records, was never released due to the label’s folding. It was not until 2012 that Happy saw the light of day, as ROIR released it for the first time. In 2005 they reunited once again, with the addition of Julia Murphy on bass. The new lineup would serve the group until 2013. In February of 2013 Cindy Rickmond stepped in for Murphy for a short stint on bass. Murphy departed in early 2016 and since Val Opielski has taken over bass duties full time. Take the Fall is reminiscent of early Bush Tetras’ works, but does not sound forced, unnatural, or a cliche. Rather, the EP sounds as if the group are back with greater enthusiasm and urge for exploration. Cynthia Sley’s vocals prevail across the EP as a one of the main distinct characteristics. Often, cutting through the mix above the rest of the band while still reaming within the color of the track. Like on “True Blue,” belting out the chorus, ” True blue finds you when you least expect it to,” with a low drawl. With a tight distorted, and coiled sound, Pat Place’s guitar work entertains on every track. Opielski’s bass lines combined with Dee Pop’s drumming pair well together. Both members’ parts are equal parts chaos and support when needed. Take the Fall is a worthy addition to the groups thirty year history and has the potental to serve as any post-punk fan’s new favorite.
Purchase and Listen to the 5 track EP below.
Bush Tetras’ Tour Dates:
4/21 – Boston, MA at The Middle East
4/22 – New Haven, CT at Cafe Nine
5/5 – Miami, FL at Gramps
5/12 – Oakland, CA at The Elbo Room
5/13 – San Francisco, CA at The Elbo Room
5/19 – Toronto, ON at Rivoli w/ Beechwood NYC & Left by Snakes
7/7 – Detroit, MI at PJ’s Lager House

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