Howard Nishioka – Street Songs

street songs
Otaro Records – 1979

On first impressions, Howard Nishioka’s Street Songs may appear to be a long lost reggae album due to the yellow, red, and green colors that frame the cover. Yet, upon further inspection, one finds that Street Songs is a privately pressed psych-rock masterpiece from Hawaii.  Released in 1979 on the private Otaro Records, Nishioka’s sole record has become a holy grail within the psych market. The album features a mixture of hard-hitting psych jams and loose acoustic fingerpicking.

street songs back image.jpg

In 1980 Otaro issued their second, and last, release The Fuckin’ Flyin’ A-Heads’ live seven-inch debut Swiss Cheese Back / Watching T.V. The seven inch features Nishioka filling the roles of lead guitar and vocals. Again just as Street Songs, Nishioka’s feedback soaked riffs dominate the tunes. Listen below to “Swiss Cheese Back” from side A.



Listen to track number 4, “Carnivourous Dogaramus,” below and download the full album to hear more.



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