Mixcloud #17

This summer hiatus has finally come to an end! This mix is a gnarly melting pot of psychedelic rock/folk, prog, acid psych, proto-punk, garage rock, MPB, and more. Artists countries’ include Sweden, England, France, the United States, Brazil, Germany, and South Korea. Enjoy!

doris did you ive the world some love today baby
Odeon – 1970

1. Doris- Waiting At The Station

Thorinshield remaster
Philips – 1967

2. Thorinshield- The Best Of It

lee jung hwa
Shin Hyang Record, Sung Eum Limited – 1969

3. Lee Jung Hwa- I Don’t Like

the fire escape
GNP Crescendo – 1967

4. The Fire Escape- 96 Tears

hal blaine
Dunhill – 1967

5. Hal Blaine- Love-In (December)

os Brazoes
RGE Discos – 1969

6. Os Brazões- Tão Longe De Mim

the red krayola
International Artists – 1967

7. Red Krayola- War Sucks

astral navigations
Holyground – 1971

8.  Lightyears Away- Forth Coming

roger bunn
Major Minor – 1970

9. Roger Bunn- 110º East 107º North

Philips – 1972

10. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Jusqu’à Ce Que La Force De T’aimer Me Manque

nature tetragon
Soma – 1971

11. Tetragon- Nature

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