Mkwaju Ensemble- Mkwaju

The Mkwaju Ensemble’s life was short-lived, lasting only a year before each member went their separate ways. The group only released two full-length albums in 1981, Mkaju and Ki-Motion. Each member would later go on to forge their own significant musical careers. Percussionist Midori Takada would move on to create many groundbreaking albums. In 1983 […]

Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆)- Digital Soundology #1 Volk Von Bauhaus

Takashi Kokubo was born in 1956 in Tokyo and has spent his life dedicated to environmental compositions and sound design for various mediums. The experimental composer’s career began in 1980 with his first full-length release, Digital Bach. The project was a collaborative album with Kazutaka Tazakiand and featured a collection of electronic renditions of classic Bach […]

The Music Of Africa Series – Tanzania 1 Recorded by Hugh Tracey

Hugh Tracey (1903-1977) was a pioneering ethnomusicologist who sought to document traditional African music over his fifty-year career. In the early 1920s, Tracey moved to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) with his brother to start a tobacco farm. While working alongside Karagan farm workers, Tracey learned the Shona language. This led to his introduction to Karagan […]