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Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆)- Digital Soundology #1 Volk Von Bauhaus

Takashi Kokubo was born in 1956 in Tokyo and has spent his life dedicated to environmental compositions and sound design for various mediums. The experimental composer’s career began in 1980 with his first full-length release, Digital Bach. The project was a collaborative album with Kazutaka Tazakiand and featured a collection of electronic renditions of classic Bach […]

The Music Of Africa Series – Tanzania 1 Recorded by Hugh Tracey

Hugh Tracey (1903-1977) was a pioneering ethnomusicologist who sought to document traditional African music over his fifty-year career. In the early 1920s, Tracey moved to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) with his brother to start a tobacco farm. While working alongside Karagan farm workers, Tracey learned the Shona language. This led to his introduction to Karagan […]

Bush Tetras’ New EP is the Group’s First Recorded Material to be Released in Over a Decade

The iconic post-punk New York quartet is back with their newest EP, Take the Fall. Take the Fall is the group’s first new release in over a decade. Forming in 1979, the Tetras were pioneers of New York’s thriving post-punk/no wave scene. In 1980 the group released their debut 7″ EP, “Too Many Creeps”. “Too […]

Omni Share Single Off of Their New Upcoming 7″

The Atlanta based Trio shared a new track “Sunset Preacher” off their upcoming “Sunset Preacher” b / w Confessional” 7″ that is being released April 20th via Chunklet. “Sunset Preacher” is the groups latest release following their 2017 sophomore record Multi – task. With each new release seeing the band progress, “Sunset Preacher” is no […]

Notable Reissues and New Releases From the Month of March

Haley Heynderickx- I Need to Start a Garden Hayley Heynderickx’s full-length debut, I Need to Start a Garden, not only contains wonderfully lush folk compositions but also tells of the Portland-based singer-songwriter’s own personal exploration of uncertainty and insecurities. Following her fairly well received 2016 EP, Fish Eyes, Heyndericx began working on her first full […]

Drinks’ Share New Song “Corner Shops” Off Their Forthcoming LP

Tim Presley and Cate Le Bon are back again as Drinks following their 2015 debut album Hermits on Holiday. Last February the avant-pop duo announced their sophomore album, Hippo Lite, and shared the first single “Real Outside”. The two retreated to a recluse stone mill in France for a month to write and record the album limiting […]

The Long Lost Cave Vaults of the Moon Tape by Composer Joanne Forman is Being Reissued on Vinyl For the First Time

Joanne Forman’s original tape-only release of her album Cave Vaults of the Moon is being reissued on vinyl for the first by Séance Centre and is due out May 4th. Forman’s compositions were commissioned to accompany the 1987 environmental art installation Cave Vaults of the moon Artifacts from an Alien Civilization in Taos, New Mexico. […]